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The first step to create the POLISH UNION OF PRIVATE FOREST OWNERS was the agreement reached in October 2010, which was signed by representatives of: Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, General Directorate of State Forests, National Council of Agricultural Chambers and members of associations representing private forests owners.

These were associations:

The meeting was attended by representatives of:

After the official part of the conference, focus on the problems of private forest sector in Poland, there was organized the founding meeting of PZZL.

From that moment the process of registration began, and was ended on 25.05.2011, when the POLISH UNION OF PRIVATE FOREST OWNERS was registered in the National Court Register.

PZZL in numbers

We represent

thousand forest owners

We operate in the interest

million hectares of forests

We work with over



Building structures

You can also sign up to effectively represent the interests of private forest owners in Poland

Actions to increase forest cover in Poland

We promote activities aimed at planting new forests. For the next generations

Assistance in conducting forest management

That the quality of work in private forests is of a high standard, in accordance with the principle of sustainable and sustainable forest management

The development of forest education

We educate in the field of planting and caring for forests

Sustainable development for the forest

Promoting the principles of sustainable development and supporting the attitudes of civil society

Participation in legislative work

Help in solving legal and political problems related to forest management in non-state forest holdings


Because together we can do more !! We support joint activities of forest associations with public authorities and private entities in the country and abroad

Members of PZZL

Association Founders:

Regional Associations:

Local Associations, Land Communities:

the Management Board


Władysław Pędziwiatr

Vice President

Marek Geszprych

Secretary General

Adam Dominiecki


Kazimierz Antowski

Member of the Board

Mirosław Koźlakiewicz

The Management Board


Thanks to our activity and fruitful cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture, there will be funding for forest owners from 2019, including support for forest stands aged 11-60, including mainly: 

– support in conducting care cuts (late cleaning in 11-20 summer forests) 
co-financing 764 PLN / ha, with areas with a slope of 917 PLN / ha

– reconstruction of species composition of tree stands through production backfilling (2nd floor)
co-financing 8137 PLN / ha, with areas with a slope of 9249 PLN / ha

– reconstruction of coniferous stands growing on post-agricultural land, with the ongoing disease process:
co-financing 12,538 PLN / ha, with areas with an inclination of 14 213 PLN / ha

– setting up remedies improving the ecological stability of forests – 848 PLN / ha

In the face of growing emotions around the Bialowieza Forest

There is a chance for positive changes for owners of private forests in the RDP program. After the meeting of representatives of the Polish Union of Forest Associations with the Vice-Minister of Agriculture Ryszard Zarudzki, the opportunity to launch additional support for private forest owners appeared. At present, the reconnaissance work is underway on the technical possibilities of introducing new activities.

Note regarding the meeting of the civil dialogue group for forestry and cork „CDG Foresty and CORK”, held in June 7 – 8, 2017. in Brussels.



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